Miami Immigration Lawyers

Karlene Punancy has been practicing immigration law since 1988.

The United States truly is a land of opportunity. A person can create a new life here — a life of peace and prosperity. Some come to start a business or get a good job. Some simply seek freedom and safety for their families.

Millions of people dream of coming to the U.S., but only a handful are allowed. The Punancy & Cosentino law firm is devoted to helping immigrants live and work legally in the United States. Since 1992, we have helped thousands of clients obtain immigration visas to pursue their American dream. Our deep experience and determination get results where other attorneys fall short.

The New Faces Of America

America was largely built by immigrants, many who lived hard lives and came here with nothing. We represent the modern wave of immigrants — people with special talents, people with big ideas, people with money — who can contribute immediately to the U.S. economy while creating a niche for themselves and their families.

Karlene Punancy draws on 25 years of focused experience in immigration law. She has a long history of helping business professionals, investors, students and families obtain visas, green cards and eventually citizenship. Ms. Punancy and her husband, attorney Edmund Cosentino, regularly assist clients from Europe, Central and South America, Mexico, Asia and Africa.

Creating Immigrant Success Stories

We cater especially to immigrant investors who want to buy a business or start a business, in Florida or elsewhere in the U.S. If you have a vision, our experienced immigration lawyers can offer the legal advice and business advice you need to be successful in America. Our firm also assists people with extraordinary abilities and specialized skills who qualify for temporary work visas or permanent resident (green card) status. We handle all business and employment visas, as well as family-based petitions to bring your loved ones to America.

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